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Contact Today competition is increasing and brand survival has become difficult whereas decision making has become even difficult. In this scenario decision making has become difficult and cumbersome task for management and the wrong decision could lead to disaster for any project or any company. In this case, marketing research appeared as the solution for any company which not only help in decision making but also reduce risk factor. Another important thing for a brand or company is knowing about the target market, motivational factors about brand/service purchase, satisfaction level and recommendation to others. We at SAB Consultants are ready to provide you every answer of your marketing problem. We help you to identify “What” and “Why” behind any product/service purchase. The position of your brand in the market and completion. Inspiration to prefer any brand over other. Emerging trends and scenarios. Strength and weaknesses of your and competition brand. Satisfaction level of your customer. The effectiveness of your advertisements campaigns. A reason of recommending or not recommending your and competition brand. Having cumulative experience of more than a decade in marketing research and advance analysis SAB Consultants are the best solution provider of your marketing problems in the town.