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Usage and Attitude:

Usage and Attitude studies commonly known as U & A studies help to understand the category of a product, its appeal and identify the potential target market. Usage and Attitude studies provide us brand purchase in terms of frequency of purchase, the quantity of purchase, number of purchase and its consumption in terms of frequency of usage. It provides brand strength and weaknesses as well as the perception of a brand and its competitors. U&A help to identify loyal brand users and reasons of users who are not loyal.

Customer Satisfaction:

Customer Satisfaction studies conduct to identify to what extent the companies are able to satisfy their customers with their products and services. These studies are also helpful to identify the factors that derive satisfaction. Advance statistical techniques are used to measure the impact of different attributes of product and services on overall customer satisfaction

Mystery Shopping:

Mystery shopping is a tool which is used by companies to identify compliance with guidelines or to check the quality of services or gathering particular information about product or services.