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SAB Consultants was established in 2013 and providing services in Accounting, Finance, Audit, Taxation (Income Tax & Sales Tax), Advisory Service, and Market Research.

Contact The technological revolution has brought a radical change in all walks of life that obviously affect our way of living but these sophistications and developments especially influence the methods and techniques of running the business. Due to cut-throat competition among the companies a proper marketing as well as other operational strategies are required to be formulated; and new changes in the system of taxation also compel organizations to take services of those who are capable of dealing with the e-filling and other activities, etc. Similarly Fixed Assets constituent of the major proportion of the total assets of the company but their proper management and Accounting is lacking in most of the organizations. Declining profitability, market share, and sales are the most alarming and harmful situations for any organization; if it does not take appropriate actions to cope up with these problems then it will definitely lose its existence. We, SAB Consultants, have solutions to all of these issues; our team comprises of qualified professionals including management accountants, economists, and statisticians; can facilitate you in improving your existing system and can assist you in system analysis and its development. Therefore; we are solution providers to all financial as well as managerial problems.

Our Vision

To be the facilitator in providing financial, marketing and managerial solutions.

Our Mission

To analyze, design, develop, and improve the systems that add value and give strategic direction to the organizations in achieving their goals and optimal solutions to their problems.